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Newal R&D

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Newal R&D Ltd is a new immune-pharmaceutical company based in central London. It is developing ezrin-peptide therapeutic-breakthroughs in human health, based on patent protected and innovative platform technology, which has already been clinically demonstrated in one commercial territory. NewalR&D is unique in that the development program is de-risked by the know-how from the launch of a safe and effective Generation-1 ezrin peptide product on the Russian pharmaceutical market. 
Newal R&D is currently developing Generation-3 and Generation-4 synthetic ezrin peptide products for world pharmaceutical markets, initially as a one-stop therapy for the treatment of all sexually transmitted infections. NewalR&D is also developing ezrin peptides for the treatment of age-related chronic inflammatory diseases, as well as for the treatment of Long COVID and COVID-vaccine injury. 
NewalR&D obtained seed-funding in August 2022 and is now seeking £5 million at a pre-money value of £9 million. Subscriptions are now open and early investors have already bought new ordinary shares of NewalR&D Limited. We plan to invest in product development to marketing authorisation, at least in the UK. We hope to build NewalR&D into a significant company with shares traded on the London Stock Exchange, which may result in an uplift in the value of its ordinary shares by ten-times, from the Series-A investment round to the public market exit.


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