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About Newal R&D
About Newal R&D

NewalR&D aims to build a mid-size profitable pharmaceutical business in the UK that reaches out to international markets, focusing on patent-protected ezrin peptide therapy products. The business plan for Newal R&D is to transform the ezrin peptide intellectual property (granted patents in all significant territories to 2036), into a portfolio of  products (3rd and 4th Generation) in the UK over the first four years of Newal R&D operations (to the end of 2027 subject to funds). The business plan projects a profitable billion-pound turnover business before 2036. Secret Generation-4 know-how can be converted to patents to extend intellectual property protection to the 2050s.
The cost of peptide manufacturing is relatively cheap, so the cost of an effective course of Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) treatment with ezrin peptides could be priced below £99, allowing for mass market OTC sales. In addition, it is possible to achieve 90% gross margins, leading to significant positive cash-flow and an attractive return-on-investment. 
Small synthetic ezrin peptides, protected by granted patents world-wide, have been clinically demonstrated to be safe with a unique combination of activities: inhibition of inflammation ( by the down-regulation of expression of IL-1b, IL-6, IL-8 and TNFa) while amplifying adaptive immunity (amplifying T-cell activity, B-cell activity and antibody titres), plus stimulating fibroblast-mediated tissue repair and regeneration. 
NewalR&D plans to develop and register an ezrin peptide product for vaginal delivery as a one-stop solution for all sexually transmitted infections (viral, bacterial, fungal and protozoan). Ezrin peptide therapy is a paradigm shift in STI treatment, a market of 1.4 billion people suffering drug and vaccine resistant infections. NewalR&D is developing ezrin peptide products, initially for mass market treatment of all sexually transmitted infections, a commercial market of at least 2 billion dollars world-wide.
Ezrin peptides have also been demonstrated to stop inflammation and ulceration in all parts of the gut (including lower-gut ulcerative colitis). Ezrin peptides are effective treatment for diabetic ulcers. Ezrin peptides are effective treatment for ionising radiation injury. Ezrin peptides stop inflammatory respiratory infections including COVID. Ezrin peptides are effective treatment for Hepatitis B, HCV and other inflammatory hepatitis infections. Ezrin peptides have applications in age-related inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. The combined market for all ezrin peptide therapeutic applications exceeds 100 billion dollars globally. 
Subject to all the usual unknowns & uncertainties about the future, and subject to sufficient capital investment, the business & budget plan estimates that by 2027, Newal R&D develops ezrin peptide products available for out-licensing. Product development may be achieved by using a number of expert subcontractors and clinical research organisations. The plan is that at least one ezrin peptide product is developed to market authorization, at least in the UK, for STI treatment. There is an IPO opportunity in 2027 or 2028.
From 2027 to 2031, if Newal R&D is successful in negotiating significant milestone payments from corporate partners, the company could be profitable. Newal R&D plans to launch an STI treatment product in the UK, with all the production, launch and promotion costs; to achieve growing sales and market penetration. From 2032 onwards, sales grow and significant Net Profits are generated. The company aims to return 15% of Net Profit to shareholders. By 2036, the sales & licensing income could be around one billion pounds, with a net profit around £440 million and dividends of £66 million.

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