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Technology & Products 

NewalR&D owns a medical revolution: a safe one-stop product for treating ALL Sexually Transmitted Infection (whether of viral, bacterial, fungal or protozoan origin), which also induces immune protection from relapse and re-infection.

NewalR&D has granted patents in all significant commercial territories world-wide, which provide intellectual property rights for Generation-3 ezrin peptides to 2036, plus there is secret Generation-4 know-how that can be converted to patents, to extend intellectual property protection to the 2050s.

Short alpha helical synthetic peptides mimicking the Alpha domain of human ezrin, amplify adaptive B-cell and T-cell responses, while inhibiting pro-inflammatory cytokine expression (down regulation of IL-1b, IL-6, IL-8 and TNFa). Ezrin peptides also stimulate fibroblasts to repair tissues. Ezrin peptides act on membrane-associated multi-receptor-to-cell protein-signalling-complexes. 

Dr Holms, the founder of NewalR&D, reverse-engineered ezrin peptides from HIV, when he discovered that the c-terminus of HIV gp120 mimics the Alpha domain of human ezrin and this mimicry is mutation-stable, indicating functionality. The human immune system was hacked by HIV to control immune functions beneficial to its life-cycle. 

Generation-1 ezrin peptide HEP-1 (brand name Gepon) was shown to be safe and effective in clinical trials. It was launched on the Russian market in 2001, initially for the treatment of HIV-related opportunistic infections. Since that time ongoing clinical development work, has confirmed safety, and demonstrated the broad range of therapeutic medical applications for ezrin peptides. 

Intravaginal, intrarectal and oral administrations of ezrin peptides, as short 5 day courses of treatment, can stop ALL Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) by amplification of adaptive immunity in the mucosa, while inhibiting inflammation. Ezrin peptides cure common urogenital problems such as chronic candida and chlamydia (cystitis), as well as serious infections such as HPV ( the cause of cervical cancer) and syphilis. 

There is a pandemic of sexual infection developing due to changes in social behaviour (women are having more sex partners in a lifetime) and mutant infections are evolving drug & vaccine resistance. World-wide, approximately 1.4 billion people have a sexual infection. In 2021 there were four million people diagnosed with an STI symptom in the UK, about a quarter of the sexually active population.  

NewalR&D shall focus on the development of ezrin peptides for treatment of STIs, because the clinical trials are  of short-duration, the end-points are clear, so they are relatively cheap. NewalR&D hopes to make rapid progress to product approvals and to market. 

The management of NewalR&D have decided to focus on developing a single broad-spectrum treatment product for all Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). Clinical trials shall be focused initially on chlamydia infection in women, because this is an urgent unmet medical need. The prevalence of chlamydia has increased fifty-times over the previous forty years. Once an ezrin peptide product is on the market, additional indications can be clinically tested and added to the approved medical applications for this class of pharmaceutical.

Ezrin peptides are effective treatment for Influenza-A, RSV, parainfluenza and other acute inflammatory lung infections. Ezrin peptides have been used to effectively treat the inflammatory problems of acute COVID and the adaptive immune amplification properties of ezrin peptides lead to up-regulation of effective natural immune protection to SARS-CoV-2 re-infection. 

Dr Holms published a peer reviewed paper in Immuno in autumn 2022, on the TLR4-RAGE loop mechanism of Long COVID, which has been read by thousands of researchers. Recent work on ezrin peptide RepG3 has revealed that ezrin peptides provide symptom relief for both Long COVID and COVID vaccine injury. 

Ezrin peptides are effective treatment for Hepatitis B, HCV and other inflammatory hepatitis infections. Ezrin peptides have been used clinically in the successful treatment of hepatitis B and HCV. Ezrin peptides increase anti-body titres during HepB vaccination. 

Ezrin peptides are effective treatment for age-related chronic inflammatory diseases. Ezrin peptides effectively treat any inflammation and ulceration anywhere in the gut, including ulcerative colitis. Ezrin peptides also reduce the long term relapse rate of stomach and duodenal ulcers. Ezrin peptides are effective treatment for diabetic ulcers. 

We also have animal data on the safety and efficacy of ezrin peptides in animal models of implanted tumours (Sarcoma and Cervical Cancer) and anecdotal clinical evidence of cancer treatment. 

Ezrin peptides have also been used clinically to help recovery from ionising radiation injury, which unfortunately may have to be an active research project in future as the risk of nuclear war increases.

NewalR&D plans to develop a range of ezrin-peptide product-forms: pre-filled ezrin-peptide-solution polyethene-pipettes for vaginal and anal application, pre-filled ezrin-peptide-solution spray-vials for oral aerosol inhalation, sugar-ezrin-peptide pills for oral treatment, vials of lyophilized peptide for injection, and topical ointment creams.

Although ezrin peptides have treatment applications in significant age-related inflammatory diseases, we have decided to focus on the treatment of all Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), particularly Chlamydia, because this is the shortest path to product registration and sales. Once an ezrin peptide product is on the market, additional indications can be clinically tested and added to the approved medical applications for ezrin peptide pharmaceutical products.

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